January 23rd

Full Moon Candle Lighting Service

Prosperity Ritual for 2016

$15 per candle & $25 per candle with Reading to aid you to get on the right track for 2016!

Deadline to sign up is January 18th. Paypal accepted. Include Full Name & Birth date.

To sign up or for more info, just send an email.


Long sabatical over…

After a long break, I’m glad to be back and blogging again. Have spent the past year honing my magickal talents. I’m expanding my work to include what I call Quantum Magick. Sort of an “anything goes” type of magick. Works for me! And I want to share it with you. Stay tuned.


This morning I took Loki for a walk in the woods. (Every good pagan, heathen or whatever has a Loki!) It is his most favorite thing except for when it snows. Just as we came out of the house, I was hit with a wave of cedar fragrance. It is the scent left by the Winter Keeper of the Woods. I felt his presence just a couple of days ago, before the Winter Solstice. He was sneaking by, hoping to go unnoticed. It is always a pleasant greeting when one walks outside and catches this lovely smell. I love Winter!

Don’t usually make resolutions, but this will be the exception for 2015. I will blog more often. That’s it! “Nuff said. Now everyone who takes their precious time to read this will wonder…what the hey? Thanks to all my followers. Next year is already looking bigger and better. I think we can all use a break. Don’t you?


It was a very nice day to day. Low 70’s here. Lots of sun. Warm and Nice. Hope this is a great month for all. Take a little time for yourself to recover from thanksgiving. As you prepare for the Yuletide, now would be a good time to smudge your home and yourself. Get rid of all the leftover thanksgiving cooties.

Okay, the zombie computer died earlier this week. New one came UPS on Wednesday. It had crotch rot. But I went to Best Buy today and got a new laptop. I’m loving my ASUS. Thanks to Tarsha at Best Buy. So nice and helpful. Now I can really blog some stuff. Where’s my wanga? Gonna fire up some candles, baby!

Finally-a new laptop!

Haven’t posted in a long time. Got a new laptop today! Yeah Me! Now I don’t have an excuse not to blog! The old prehistoric piece of junk has finally been laid to rest. Think it was a T-Mess! Snort!